Behavioral researcher Pelle Guldborg Hansen is Chief Executive at iNudgeyou. Pelle holds a PhD in Game Theory from Roskilde University, and his primary research is on social processes, norms, and coordination from a game-theoretic perspective. Since 2009 he has applied this knowledge to the making of various forms of choice- and behavioral architecture in public policy with a special emphasis on how to use Nudge as a means to behavioral change.

In 2011 Pelle founded and became chairman of the Danish Nudging Network that seeks out the potential of using Nudge as a strategy on all levels of public policy as well as in collaborations between the state, its citizens, businesses and organizations. Today the network comprises more than 30 public institutions, universities, businesses and organizations. As part of this work he has been a key person in various efforts such as inspiring and helping out outlining Copenhagen’s new strategy for combatting litter based on the nudge approach to behavioral change, and being the main advisor on a new law-proposal put before the Danish parliament suggesting the adoption of prompted choice for registering as an organ donor.

Chief Executive