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‘Nudge Unit’ calls for changes to business banking

The UK nudge unit have just suggested a new nudge to get the economy moving again. It is the latest idea from the Behavioural Insight Team charged with changing the way the Government influences health, wealth and happiness among UK citizen’s.

David Halpern, a former policy chief for Tony Blair, heads the unit is turning his attention to stimulating growth, and how to encourage Britain’s 3.6 million sole traders to start hiring by reducing the “friction costs” – or hassle, as it is better known – by involving banks.

It is understood a company would pay an employee’s gross salary into one of the special bank accounts, which would then deduct income tax and national insurance before paying the net salary.

Read the full story at The Independent or visit our resources-page where you may find various official reports on how to apply nudging in public policy.


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