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Brian Wansink, author of Mindless eating visits Denmark

We have several times written on the exciting research on eating behavior conducted by Brian Wansink, Professor at Cornell and author of Mindless Eating. Wansink has made a series of breakthroughs into how our food patterns actually form and are maintained, especially in regard to how the surroundings affect our consumption of food.

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Eating and expectations

Besides analyzing how the shape and form of our utilities encourage or prevents overeating, which you can read about in the links above, Wansink has outlined just how much our expectations are in play when we eat, how we conform to what we are told, and how our biases play in on our overall satisfaction with a meal. All in all, you should not miss out on this great opportunity to learn how to shape yours and others future meals in a healthier direction.

Wansink will give two public lectures here in Denmark at April 17.

Aalborg University: Eating better in out of home environments

Aalborg University, Copenhagen, from 9.30am – 12am – more information and sign up here

At Aalborg University Wansink, along with his college Adam Brumberg, will focus on how we improve our eating habits in out of home settings. We often eat out, often enough that making an impact on health cannot focus on home and work settings alone. If we want to have consistant healthy eating patterns, we need to improve what we eat when we are not home as well.

Forskningscenter for Forebyggelse og Sundhed: Mindless eating

Festsalen på Glostrup Hospital from 3pm to 5pm – more info and sign up here

At Dansk Center for Folkesundhed, Wansink will talk about how we can move from mindless eating to mindlessly eating well, and later about how we as a nation can improve eating habits to reduce public costs associated with overeating.

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