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Yes! We are in The Economist!

Last week the telephone rang: “Hello, it’s the economist.”

“Which economist?”, I asked.

The Economist

“Oh…” I answered.


Beyond Academia

To those of you who doesn’t already know, we’re working hard to do something which has never been seen in Denmark before: a unique collaboration between science, society and policy.

It’s interesting work, since we’ve never tried to interact with such a broad array of stakeholders in knowledge usually confined within the walls of Academia. It’s also frustrating since Academia in Denmark is not set up to interact with stakeholders – said differently, while stakeholders are interested in knowing, Academia is not necessarily prepared to share.


When work pays off

Fortunately, outside of Academia hard work is usually valued. Thus, we’ve succeeded in creating our unique network. Students, public institutions, organizations and companies are trying to figure out how insights from behavioral economics and cognitive psychology may help to improve our health, wealth and happiness. Especially the students who’ve been working with us on the research should be thanked.

… and here, like in other countries, this work is showing promise – and that’s what the article in The Economist is about.

Nudge nudge, think think: the use of behavioral economics in public policy shows promise

We warmly recommend it, “like” it and hope to be able to bring you more good news like this in the future.

Until then, enjoy the reading…

Oh, and if you missed it, we also featured on


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