Karsten Schmidt

Researcher & project manager

Karsten Schmidt

Researcher & project manager



Karsten functions as a researcher and project manager at iNudgeyou. His work in iNudgeyou is primarily focused on identifying, preparing and executing a broad range of trials with different stakeholders, such as the Danish Business Authority, Copenhagen Airport, and the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment.

He is a PhD Fellow at Roskilde University and holds a master’s degree in philosophy from University of Copenhagen and University of California, Irvine (visiting), with special emphasis on behavioral economics, game theory and philosophy of law.

He is fascinated with nudging on both a practical and theoretical level. Practically, in the acknowledgment of how seemingly small interventions can cause major effects. Theoretically, in the realization of how nudges are often multilayered structures, drawing on human psychology (heuristics and biases), constructs (both physical and social) and human interaction (e.g. social norms, beliefs, habits and conventions).



2013 – 2017

PhD Fellow, Roskilde University in collaboration with the Danish Business Authority

Project title: The Methodological and Experimental Basis for Behavioral Insights Theory in Public Policy.

2011 – 2013

MA Philosophy, University of Copenhagen

Emphasis on applied behavioral science (internship in iNudgeyou/ISSP), social epistemology, social psychology, and research strategies.

2011 – 2012

University of California, Irvine (visiting)

Emphasis on game theory, applied decision theory, social dynamics, social phenomena, and philosophy of law.

2008 – 2011

BA Philosophy + Law, University of Copenhagen

Major in philosophy with special emphasis on ethics, political philosophy, and philosophy of law. Minor in law (rule of law, human rights law, criminal law), and micro economics (rational choice theory and game theory).


Professional Experience

2011 –

Researcher and Project Manager

Responsible for a portfolio of projects in collaboration with various stakeholders aiming to apply and test behavioral insights in real world settings. Other tasks include public speaking, writing, attending meetings, team responsibilities, etc.


Research Assistant at iNudgeyou

Assistant to Pelle Guldborg Hansen’s work in iNudgeyou. Primarily working on blogging and assisting in projects.


Research Assistant at ISSP

Assistant to Pelle Guldborg Hansen’s work in ISSP. Tasks include email marketing and conference planning.

2012 – 2013

Intern-in-chief, Internship at iNudgeyou and ISSP (Initiative for Science, Society and Policy)

Intern in the applied behavioral science group (iNudgeyou) under ISSP. Activities consisted of both academic and practical work in the initiative.



2013 –

Styrelsen for Arbejdsmarked og Rekkrutering / The Danish Authority for Labor Market and Recruitment

Project Manager A project using insights from behavioral science in order to nudge newly unemployed people to start their job hunt earlier and being more constructive while doing so.

2012 –

Erhvervsstyrelsen / The Danish Business Authorities

Project Manager A variety of different interventions constructed, executed and tested – including rewriting letters.

2013 –

PostDanmark / Danish Postal Service

Project Manager Developing and testing energy saving solutions amongst PostDanmark Employees.

2013 –

Københavns Kommune / Municipality of Copenhagen

Project Manager Preventing littering outside pub-environments in Copenhagen.


Københavns Lufthavne / Copenhagen Airport

Project Manager We succesfully reduced inconsiderate smoking by more than 50%.


VL-Døgn 2013 / Danish Management Society Summit 2013

Manager of volunteers and execution of various on-sight experiments




Apples vs. Brownies: A Field Experiment in Rearranging Conference Snacking Buffets to Reduce Short-Term Energy Intake
Pelle Guldborg Hansen, Laurits Rohden Skov, Andreas Maaløe Jespersen, Katrine Lund Skov, Karsten Schmidt



The Smaller the Piece the Healthier the Consumption – a Choice Architectural Experiment in Behavioral Nutrition
L. Rohden Skov, K. Schmidt, P. Guldborg Hansen, K. Lund Skov, B. Egberg Mikkelsen, F J A. Pérez-Cueto

Abstract: Annals of Nutrition & researcher Metabolism. Granada, Spain. 20th International Congress of Nutrition. PO3079.


Smaller Plates, Less Food Waste – a Choice Architectural Experiment in a Self-service Eating Setting
K. Schmidt, L. Rohden Skov, P. Guldborg Hansen, A. Maaløe Jespersen, F J A. Pérez-Cueto, B. Egberg Mikkelsen

Abstract: Annals of Nutrition & researcher Metabolism. Granada, Spain. 20th International Congress of Nutrition. PO3080.


The Nutritional Impact of Buffet Defaults – an Experiment in Behavioural Nutrition
Katrine Lund Skov & Karsten Schmidt

Science Poster admitted at Aalborg University, Denmark.


Udbedt svar for organdonation: Den rette løsning i en kompliceret verden
Pelle Guldborg Hansen, Andreas Maaløe Jespersen & Karsten Schmidt

Dråben – Tidsskrift for anæstesi-, intensiv-, og opvågningssygeplejerske.

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