Behavioural Analyst

Would you like to work with nudging and applied behavioural science? Here is your chance!


We, at iNudgeyou – The Applied Behavioural Science Group, are looking for a dedicated, versatile and ambitious behavioural analyst whom can develop and apply the behavioural science approach in order to create measurable changes in the real world. Apply for this position if you are truly passionate about an everyday life where you solve behavioural problems for public institutions and private companies, as well as, contribute to the conductance of courses and master classes in applied behavioural science.


Who we are

iNudgeyou is a pro-social research company located in the heart of Copenhagen, which since 2010 has been in the forefront of applying behavioural science in Denmark, as well as, abroad. Through a wide range of projects with, in particular, public institutions, we have created an effective team of specialists who develop and test behaviour-based interventions and initiatives in areas, such as, competition- and consumption, health, public administration, work environment and sustainability.


Who are you?

You are our new colleague who is – like the rest of the team – deeply passionate about working with human behavior. You enjoy being part of a team where a high professional level is alpha and omega and where your professional skills are challenged, and new knowledge is acquired every single day. Furthermore, we highly value that you are comfortable in different social settings, as we work with many different people from a wide range of industries – from executives and elected officials at public institutions to sailors on supertankers and cashiers at local supermarkets.

You have completed – or are just about to complete – a relevant academic education (master’s degree or PhD) and can demonstrate knowledge within the field of behavioural science. This includes theory and evidence-based methods from behavioural economics, social psychology and cognitive psychology. Your specific educational background within this field is not of essence. What is of essence is, however, that you are clever, curious and truly interested in nudging and behavioral science.

Most of our clients are located in Denmark, so being fluent in Danish is an advantage, but not a requirement.


How to apply

This position is a full-time position of 37 hours a week with accession as soon as possible. You will initially be employed for a six-month project, but with the expectation that you will subsequently be employed permanently. Salary will be decided upon agreement.

Please send your application, resume and relevant exam papers to no later than December 2nd 2019.

Please write “Behavioural Analyst” in the subject line.

Questions regarding the position can be directed to


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