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Tiffany Kaminsky
Co-Founder & Chief Impact Officer, Symend

My experience

I would highly recommend the iNudgeyou Masterclass in Behavioural Insights & Nudging. The team is very knowledgeable and the program content was extremely valuable.

inudgeyou – the applied behavioural science centre

Learn more about us and our BASIC Framework

We are an independent research centre that has pushed boundaries and created value since 2010. At iNudgeyou, since 2010, we’ve specialised in developing and testing new behaviour changing concepts based on Behavioural Insights, i.e. insights from the applied behavioural sciences. For over a decade, we’ve been one of the world’s leading centres in applied behavioural science and have built up a broad portfolio of national and international projects focusing on value-generating behavioural changes.


the applied behavioural science centre

13 years of training & collaboration

the applied behavioural science centre


How to nudge Hospital Visitors

Unveil the astonishing journey of transforming hand sanitation compliance from a mere 0.43% to an impressive 19.66% among hospital visitors. Dive into the groundbreaking field experiment that revolutionised behaviour with simple changes – a story bound to captivate!

The Veggie Default

Discover how a simple tweak in default settings revolutionized food choices, leading to a staggering 87% uptake in vegetarian options among conference participants. Dive into the fascinating field experiment conducted by the iNudgeyou team, featured in the Journal of Public Health, revealing the power of benign interventions to shape behaviour.

Going Undercover In The Airport

Dive into Copenhagen Airport’s innovative approach to tackling secondhand smoke, led by our iNudgeyou team’s hands-on fieldwork. Discover the powerful impact of our intervention, resulting in a 50% reduction in inconsiderate smoking behaviours.

Self-Reported Survey Data: Reliable or Risky?

Uncover the revealing insights from our study on the accuracy of self-reported data and routine behaviours. Explore how subtle adjustments in survey design shed light on the reliability of information crucial for decision-making.


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the applied behavioural science centre

Work with us

To this day, since 2010, iNudgeyou remains the impossible idea; an independent research centre dedicated to moving the frontiers of behavioural science, while simultaneously raising the bar for providing scientifically grounded project based advisory and consultancy services. 

Public Speaking

A combination of Research, real life case studies and humour. Captivate and inform your audience with engaging and enlightening public speaking and keynotes that explore the fascinating realms of behavioural insights and nudging across diverse fields like health, communication, management, and more. 


iNudgeyou is a world leader in providing intensive training and courses in Applied Behavioural Science that revolves around our BASIC framework, a framework which has been published by the OECD.

Advisory & Projects

Transforming behavioural insights into impactful solutions, our advisory & project service pioneers the development and rigorous testing of innovative choice architectures, fostering positive behaviour change. To learn more, read about former projects or get in contact.

Knowledge & Networks

Expanding horizons and forging valuable connections within our vast knowledge-sharing network. Read our academic papers, join our BI Newsletter and join The Danish Nudging Network to stay in the loop. Soon, we will re-open the European Nudge Network.

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