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Academic Publications

Hansen, P. G., Schilling, M., Gahner Larsen, E., Modin, A., & Gundersen, C. (2020). ‘Posters and pictograms: a large field experiment on increasing hand hygiene at hospitals amongst toilet visitors’, Journal of Hospital Infection, (accepted/in press) pp. xx.  

Hansen, P. G., Schilling, M., Gahner Larsen, E., Modin, A., & Gundersen, C. (2020). ‘The power of placement: a large field experiment on getting hospital visitors to use hand sanitiser’,  Journal of Hospital Infection, (accepted/in press) pp. xx.

Hansen, P.G. (2020). ‘Nudging: To know ‘what works’ you need to know why it works’, I : Journal of Behavioral Economics for Policy. 3, Special Issue, s. 9-11

Hansen, P.G., Schilling, M., Malthesen, M.S. (2019). ‘Nudging healthy and sustainable food choices: Three field experiments using a vegetarian lunch-default as a normative signal’, Journal of Public Health. 41, 4, pp. 1-6.

Hansen, P.G. (2019). ‘The Concepts of Nudge and Nudging in Behavioural Public Policy’, Handbook of Behavioural Change and Public Policy, edited by Strassheim, H. & Beck, S, Edward Elgar Publishing, pp. 63-77.

Hansen, P. G. & OECD (2019), Tools and Ethics for Applied Behavioural Insights: The BASIC Toolkit, OECD Publishing

Hansen, P.G. (2018). ‘What are we forgetting?’, Behavioural Public Policy​, Vol 2, no. 2, pp. 190-197.

Hansen, P. G., Skov, L. R., & Skov, K. L. (2016). Making healthy choices easier: regulation versus nudging. Annual review of public health37, 237-251. >> open access

Hansen, P. G., Skov, L. R., Jespersen, A. M., Skov, K. L., & Schmidt, K. (2016). Apples versus brownies: A field experiment in rearranging conference snacking buffets to reduce short-term energy intake. Journal of Foodservice Business Research19(1), 122-130.

Hansen, P. G. (2015). The Definition of Nudge and Libertarian Paternalism: Does the Hand Fit the Glove?European Journal of Risk Regulation, (1), 1-20. >> open access

Schmidt, K., Skov, L. R., Jespersen, A. M., Hansen, P. G., Perez-Cueto, A., & Mikkelsen, B. E. (2013, January). Smaller plates, less food waste: A choice architectural experiment in a self-service eating setting. In 20th International Congress of Nutrition.

Hansen, P. G., & Jespersen, A. M. (2013). Nudge and the manipulation of choice: A framework for the responsible use of the nudge approach to behaviour change in public policy. European Journal of Risk Regulation4(1), 3-28. >> open access

Other Publications

What is nudging?

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Nudging Smoke in Airports

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Nudging Hospital Visitors’ Hand Hygiene Compliance

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Nudging Flow in Copenhagen Airports

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