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In our talks, we communicate our fascination and experiences with human behaviour and the potential to change behaviour in positive directions. With a background in more than 500 national (Danish) and international talks, we show and explain the many strange factors, that shouldn’t matter for our behaviour in principle, but does in practice.

Our experience with talks spans from academic talks at international scientific conferences to in-depth specialist talks for companies like The Economist Life Science Frontiers (Stockholm) and Zero12 (Oslo) to educational institutions, industrial kitchens, and dentists.

Human behaviour is a fundamental component in any organisation, company or institution. Behaviour becomes one of the most fascinating subjects if one dares to look at it from the outside and challenge our ideas about what shapes our everyday decisions, with knowledge, science, and facts.

We do talks about nudging and behaviour within a variety of different areas:

  • Behavioural Management
  • Nudging & Healthy Employees
  • Nudging in the Healthcare Sector
  • Nudging & Behavioural Safety
  • Communication Strategies for Behaviour Change

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“We contacted iNudgeyou because we wanted to know more about nudging and the application of nudging in our daily work. The speak provided insights into how we could actively utilise nudging.

We were introduced to concrete tools that could help us better communicate with people. Today, we communicate differently; as an example, we use a yellow colour to highlight and draw attention towards important information”.

Inger Andersen


Company Workshops 

We offer tailored workshops to companies who wish acquire the neccesary skill set to utilise nudging in solving their own behavioural problems.

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We are delighted to talk to all sorts of companies and organisations.


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