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A Beginner's Guide

What Is Nudge?

A nudge is any attempt at influencing people’s judgment, choice or behavior in a predictable way made possible because of cognitive biases in individual and social decision-making posing barriers for people to perform rationally in their own interest, and working by making use of those biases as an integral part of such attempts.

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About Us

The iNudgeyou-team is a research innovation experiment in Guerrilla Research. We work at the intersection of applied behavioural science, public institutions, NGO’s and private stakeholders. with the aim of developing and scientifically validate behaviour change strategies for closing the gap between pro-social intentions and actions.

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Our Projects

The iNudgeyou team led by behavioural scientist Pelle Guldborg Hansen have since 2010 initiated several projects about nudge and behavioral theory in the private and public sector.


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Developing solutions for better decision making